The residents at Hampshire Greyhound Rescue will be more snug and warm in their kennels this winter – thanks to the generous donations of Andover residents on Carnival Day back in July. David Woods from Hampshire Greyhound’s told the Carnival team that they have already had new double glazed windows put in to replace the old single glazing, “which has helped to improve the comfort of our Greyhounds no end as it’s much warmer than it used to be.”

They are also keen to get some new lighting and additional heating put into the kennels “if we can find an electrician who can quote a sensible price to do the work. All the kennels have foam insulation under the beds, and once the electrics have been done, there’ll be insulation going on top of all the kennels too, which will help keep them snug through the winter.”

Oblivion Dance has also had great success when they went to competition in Essex, returning with a host of trophies. With new outfits and coach travel funded by their £2000 donation from The Andover Carnival, four of their dance crews walked away with glittering trophies and group placings from first to fourth.

Last Sunday also saw Oblivion Recall win at competition here, at home at the Lights in Andover, where again the money raised by the Carnival paid for extra crew dance training sessions and the outfits they wore for the competition. Tanya Tuson, from Oblivion added, “We also have a show coming up in January and we are in the process of buying 100 children dance outfits. It’s been amazing that all of the children from Oblivion are benefitting from the money you gave us.” She added that she would like to thank the people of Andover “for the wonderful donation once again.”

Applications have now closed and the Carnival team is in the process of making the very difficult decision as to who is going to be a beneficiary in 2015 and will make the announcement early in the new year.