Our chosen charities for the 2022 Andover Carnival

We are very pleased to announce the two charities who will benefit from the proceeds of the 2022 Andover Carnival. We are delighted to support two local organisations where parents have taken up the challenge on behalf of their very deserving children.

Andover Twenty1 support children with Down’s Syndrome and their schools, to ensure the best possible educational experience and outcome. To encourage them to be fully included within their local community and recognised as a friend not as someone who is different or misunderstood.

Anna Fauvelle, Chairperson for the charity told us: “We know that children with Down’s syndrome can succeed when given opportunity and support and that’s why we want to give as much as we can of both!

We want our members to reach their potential, both socially and academically.”

A21 provide support to families in the form of social gatherings and events.
They also provide Educational services:

Early Development Groups, aiming to teach a wide range of skills to help children meet their developmental milestones and provide a firm foundation for further learning.

For school-aged children, our School Advisory Service offers a comprehensive package, covering all aspects of education, development, assessment and inclusion. Each child is visited regularly in school and staff receive advice in all areas of development, including successful differentiation and teaching strategies.

These educational services will enable our children to be fully included within their local schools and community, ensuring they reach their potential.

A21 need to raise £12,000 this year to pay for 20 children to receive these services. The Andover Carnival funding will help them to achieve this target. With your help, these wonderful children will thrive.

Visit their website here

Their activities can be found on their events page via this link

Our next fantastic group is another started and supported by local parents:

#NeedsToo set up last April as a group of seven mums who got together and were determined to try and make a difference and be a ‘Voice for the Most Vulnerable’.

They aim to provide practical and emotional support, advice and information for parents and carers of children and young adults with complex learning difficulties and disabilities.

Sara Goodson, Founder Member and Treasurer said “Within just a couple of weeks of setting up our Facebook group we had grown to over 200 members and now have over 700 and growing, proving the need for such a group. 

Our fundraising arm currently provides much needed social activities and outings for the 18-25 year age group locally, as there is nothing for them in this area and they are unable to access the usual provisions that most young adults can use independently.”

This is a new charity full of enthusiasm and fills a need in the area for the support of children, young adults and parents.

Visit their Facebook page here

The fantastic and enthusiastic Needs Too float in the 2019 Carnival procession

Access the #needs too website here

We are delighted to support these two very deserving organisations who work very hard to fill a desperate need in our community. We hope you will support them by filling our tins in shops and offices and our buckets on Carnival Day. The community spirited people of Andover are so vital to the success of the Carnival and their support of local charities and organisations.