We are proud to announce that Councilor Iris Anderson is to become the new Patron to the Andover Carnival. An active Councilor, Iris was a driving force behind the success of the new Pop Up Shop on Bridge Street and a formidable advocate supporting the residents and local businesses of her ward.

Iris has been the Ambassador for the Carnival Prince and Princess and their attendants for 7 years now and has seen the Carnival grow from a small walking event to today’s huge free community event with its family fun day and float procession.

“Being Ambassador is very exciting,” Iris said, “because you never know from one year to another what we’re going to do: To see the children grow up over the years is absolutely amazing.”

Dedicated to serving our town, Iris has been actively involved in charity work and community fundraising for nearly 35 years, from working with the schools that her six children attended and supporting a host of charities including Andover Fibromyalgia and ME Chatterbook Group, Andover Parkinsons Group and the Katie Piper Foundation. Iris says that her “greatest experience was kickboxing with Andy Livery which raised £750 for charity.“

Iris has also recently begun an over 50s Club which provides companionship and activities for its members. When we asked iris why she takes on so many roles for the benefit of our community she simply replied “I love to give a little of my time to everybody so I think everyone gets a fair share of you.”

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