As costs rise and sponsors fall by the wayside, organisers of the historic and much-loved Andover Carnival have declared that this year’s event is under the very real threat of cancellation.

The economic situation has affected everybody and the Andover Carnival is no exception. We have been extremely grateful for our sponsors in previous years and the current ones that have already agreed to help fund 2018 but with costs rising , the loss of some sponsors for this year and without any local business currently plugging those gaps there is a real possibility that this year’s event will have to be cancelled. Last year the costs of providing the entertainment escalated, and even adopting a lean approach saw the event still costing around £16,000.

Volunteer committee members are giving all their free hours to exploring every avenue for new sponsors and alternative funding and have set up a crowd-funding page in the hope of getting the people of Andover to give their support. With in excess of 8,000 people enjoying last year’s free event, if everyone gave £1, the issue would simply disappear. Chairperson Larna Burley said “ Let’s ensure that this historic event isn’t lost which brings so much of the community together for one brilliant free day of family fun and entertainment. The day sees in excess of 8000 local people attended each year and the numbers continue to grow. The committee which is run by a small team of local volunteers put in a huge amount of work which results in the road procession and the thriving park that showcases local bands/ acts, supports local business to sell via the stalls raises charity awareness, and provides a huge amount of entertainment for the day. It would be a huge loss for the town if this year’s event didn’t happen. The event brings huge visibility for our sponsors due to the sheer number of people that we see in one day and in the scheme of things is very cost effective way of advertising.”

Plans for the Carnival in July this year are already well advanced, however funds and support need to be in place by the middle of February to meet all of the costs so that planning can proceed. Year-on year, this effort is all to raise much needed money for very deserving local charities and until now the event has generated donations of up to £4000 to these very worthwhile causes, all of the money that is raised by the local community on carnival day is donated directly to that years chosen charity/ charities.
Any amount donated (from £1 to £4,000) will be accepted and would ensure that Carnival 2018 can go ahead. Please help save the Andover Carnival by donating today. We have 4 weeks to raise the much needed funds in order to guarantee that we are financially able to put on this year’s event.

Please donate today by visiting:
Should anyone know of any local business who may be interested in sponsoring this year’s event please contact either Larna Burley or Carole Bazzoni by emailing